Kristin Compton - Watercolor All Levels

Watercolor All Levels Instructor: Kristin Compton


BRUSHES: Make sure that all your brushes are specifically for watercolor. Princeton Neptune, Princeton Snap! and Princeton Velvet Touch are all great brushes.

-  One 1” flat brush - One # 6 round brush

-  One # 2 round brush - One # 12 round brush

PAPER: To get the best results, you need good paper. Please buy cold press watercolor paper that is 140lbs or 300 g/m2. You want paper that is 100% rag cotton. I recommend Arches or Fabriano. These brands come in large sheets (22” x 30”) that you can tear into smaller pieces which is most cost effective; however, you can also buy these papers in pads and blocks. Please get paper that is at least 11” x 14” if you buy a pad or block. Other acceptable brands are: Windsor & Newton, Canson XL, or Strathmore.

PAINTS: Please buy the best paint that you can afford- better quality paints make for better paintings. Artist grade paints are what to look for. Tubes or pans are both fine. Excellent brands are Daniel Smith, Rembrandt, Saint Petersburg White Lights, M. Graham Watercolors, Holbein, and Sennelier. You can use a variety of different paints. Also feel free to get any other colors that speak to you. You can also just pick up a ready-made set.

Basic Colors You Should Have: Alizarin Crimson, Cadmium Red, Cadmium Yellow, Lemon Yellow, Ultramarine Blue, Cerulean Blue, Burnt Umber, and Burnt Sienna


-  One large water container (large multi-serve yogurt containers are awesome)

-  Paper towels- I love Viva Signature Cloth paper towels

-  #2B pencils

-  A plastic sealable palette or an enamel palette if you choose to use pans.

-  Erasers

-  Painter’s Tape or Masking tape

-  White gel pen

-  Small spray bottle


Watercolor All Levels Instructor: Kristin Compton


Liquid masking/frisket
- Small sketch pad
- Waterproof ink pens
- Copic Opaque Ink Bottle with brush - #2 rigger brush

If you have any questions about the supply-list please email me.