Kristin Compton - Markers

Making Magic with Markers Instructor: Kristin Compton

MARKERS: For this class, you will need alcohol-based markers. There are many options to choose from, and you can choose a combination of different markers to use. Whatever brand you do choose, make sure that your set comes with a colorless blender marker. I’d suggest a set of at least 30 colors.

-  For beginners with looking for an inexpensive but decent marker, I’d recommend Ohuhu Alcohol Markers, Caliart Markers, Arteza Everblend Markers. All of these can be found on Amazon. All of these come in sets from about 30 to over 100 markers

-  For the intermediate student willing to spend more for quality, I’d recommend Prisma Color Double-Ended Art Markers and Spectrum Noir (all reputable art stores). Dick Blick makes an amazing quality studio marker sold in sets or individually. Arrtx Markers (Amazon, and Altenew (, Amazon) are also good choices.

-  The BEST quality marker brand is Copic. These markers are amazing, refillable, have replaceable nibs, and come in the best colors; however, they are expensive. There is a way to get them for less- if you look on Ebay for “copic marker lots” or “used copic markers,” you can get some great deals. Copic Sketch Markers are larger and hold more ink, Copic Ciao markers are smaller and less expensive, though they have fewer colors.


-  Marker paper, at least 11” x 14”- good brands Canson, Copic, Strathmore 400 or 500 Series marker paper

-  Waterproof Pens in various sizes- (Copic Multiliner or Sakura Pigma Micron)

-  Fine line markers- (Primrosia, Stabilo point 88 mini pin, or Staedler double-ended fiber-tipped pens)

-  Package of inexpensive colored pencils

-  Graphite pencils, whatever type you prefer

-  Erasers (I love General’s Tri Tip)

-  White Gel pens and/or Copic Opaque Ink Bottle with brush


-  Copic Colorless Blender Pen (can be used even if you don’t use Copic markers)

-  Copic Colorless Blender Refill (can be used even if you don’t use Copic markers)

-  Alcohol Wipes

-  Q-tips

-  Small Spray Bottle

-  Rubbing alcohol

-  Synthetic Round brush size 4 or 8