Diana Toma - Prima in Oils

Painting Cityscapes Loosely Alla - Prima in Oils

Painting Portraits Loosely Alla - Prima in Oils Instructor: Diana Toma

  • 1 stretched canvas or canvas panel (11x14 or smaller) per class. I will use 8x10 to demo
  • 2 oil paintbrushes: flats or brights, size 8 and up
  • Roll of Viva paper towels
  • Small plastic bag (grocery bag is great)
  • Oil paints, can be any brand

-  Titanium White

-  Cadmium Yellow

-  Ultramarine Blue

-  Alizarin Crimson
NOTE:These are the basics. lf you want to add more colors to your palette, you may. I have in my pallette these following colors:

-  Foundation Grey

-  Oxide de Chromium

-  Phthalo Blue

-  Van Dyke Brown

-  Burnt Umber

  • Palette (l like to use glass taped to foam core)
  • Oodorless mineral spirits
  • Pharmaceutical gloves (get them at the drug store)
  • Painter’s apron
  • Tape (any kind)

I will email you photos for you to paint from for each session.