Diana Toma - Bloom Yourself

"Bloom Your Self" INTUITIVE PAINTING WORKSHOP Instructor: Diana Toma

Thank you for signing up for “Bloom Your Self” intuitive painting workshop. I am so excited to meet you all and co-create in this painting adventure! Here are some tips to getting ready for the workshop:

Make sure you wear comfortable clothes and shoes, something that you don’t mind getting dirty, I want you to allow yourself to get messy. You may bring an apron for this purpose. Also bring a drop cloth, for easy clean-up at the end. Dollar store plastic table covers work great for this purpose.

All paint supplies are provided. A $20 materials fee is due on the day of the workshop, please bring cash or a check. I will also provide spray bottles and water containers. Just bring

  • a canvas (30” by 48” recommended)
  • a couple of acrylic brushes - any brush that you already have works. Here are some optional items you may want to bring with you
  • a sponge, paper towels, or a microfiber cloth
  • an old comb, or any object that you could use to create texture

Bring a snack and bottled water to stay hydrated. As a rule of thumb, bring whatever you need to feel comfortable and enjoy the process.

Come with an open mind: you are creative already! In this workshop you will tap in your own creative volcano. Let go of expectations and what your artwork is supposed to look like. Let yourself be delighted along the way and look to bring joy to the process. Most importantly, realize you cannot do it wrong! This is an opportunity to listen to your intuition, and be brave. Let go of the “plan” and take a risk. No one here will judge you on your artistic abilities or compare you with others. This is a safe space of self exploration. Trust the process. Some emotion may rise up - that’s OK. Allow, open up and free yourself.