Chery Baird - Collage

Collage Workshop

Supply List

Collage Workshop at Binders Instructor: Chery Baird (only check about once a week) 770-448-5000 - please call if you have any questions

We will be creating approximately 6 to 10 collages; if you work fast you may want to have more supports (see below). We will be choosing from the following list. We will be working fairly small; nothing larger than 14 x 17. If you get 2 hardboard, 2 foam core and 1 pad of Bristol that will give you 19 supports.

Please call if you have any questions.

The first day in the morning we will be dyeing papers - you may use a variety of found papers (trash to watercolor paper).

In the afternoon we will start on the following collages. You will not get all of these done in one workshop, you will each work at your own rate.

  1. Black & white magazine & Xerox

  2. Value study oriental papers black and white - 2 pieces

  3. Photographs or photo copies (colored or black and white)

  4. Bas-relief fabric, small wood pieces, jewelry, etc.

  5. Oriental papers plus other found papers

  6. Monochromatic - found papers - 2 pieces

  7. Triad/tetrad - 3 pieces found and manipulated papers

  8. Painted papers - (paper you dyed or painted on including acetate)

  9. Cross-composition

The last 3 or 4 projects will be discussed in class


  • Foam core it will be used as a support for bas relief fabric, jewelry, or other heavier items

  • Hardboard either already gessoed or you can gesso it before also used for bas relief you

    probably won’t want it larger than 14x11

  • Bristol vellum 14x17 Strathmore or Canson 1 pad

  • Optional 140 or 300 lb. Watercolor (to dye) - each kind and weight of paper will take the dye


    Collage Papers

  • Oriental (i suggest sharing these sheets with one or two other people as most of them are quite large), you will need at least one sheet of black and several whites, you may also want other colors. You can buy a sample pack for color & texture

  • Drawing paper any you have (for painted papers)

  • Watercolor papers (140 & 300 lb) to paint on or support

  • Lenox 100 to paint on


  • Old manila paper, etc for painted papers

  • Multi-media acetate to paint on

  • Tracing paper for rubbings

  • White tissue paper for printing

  • Cardstock paper the weight of 3x5 cards for painted papers

    Found Papers

  • Greeting cards, magazines good quality such as national geographic, architectural digest, vogue, etc, tickets,

  • Doilies,

  • Canvas,

  • Paper bags,

  • Old drawings or paintings, monoprints, experimental drawings,

  • Old textbooks, bills,

  • Receipts,

  • Diaries,

  • Old letters,

  • Notes,

  • Music,

  • Postcards,

  • Fabric different textures,

  • Envelopes, sandpaper,

  • Small beads,

  • Small items of jewelry,

  • Buttons, cardboard,

  • Mesh,

  • Cheesecloth, packing material, playing cards, comics,

  • Programs,

  • Dress patterns, graph paper,

  • Sand,

  • Gravel, photographs, memorabilia, stencils,

  • String,

  • Thread,

  • Lace,

  • Wallpaper, architectural plans,

  • Press on type, ribbon, cheesecloth,

  • Silver leaf,

  • Gold leaf,

  • Blotter paper,

  • Old bills,

  • Sand,

  • Sawdust,

  • Children’s drawings,

  • Stamps,

  • Typing paper, etc., etc., etc.

    As you can see almost anything can be used !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Yes this is a paste glue does not wrinkle or change the surface of the collaged material

  • Matte medium and a soft brush to apply (approximately 1 inch)

  • Delta archival quality photo-safe glue will glue acetate & photos without wrinkling



  • Glue gun, liquid nails (clear) for heavier items Paint

  • acrylic - variety of colors - used to dye paper

    Optional Paint


  • gouache

  • inks

  • old spray paint (do not purchase just for this)

    Other Supplies

  • scissors

  • one box/roll of freezer paper - for drying dyed papers

  • one roll of wax paper to place between images

  • 2 plastic bags to carry home wet papers

  • spray bottle for water or alcohol

  • toothbrush to spritz with

  • exacto knife or other knife to cut foam core

  • palette knife, or flexible spatula for glues

  • plastic cup for water/medium (yogurt cup with lid)

  • disposable paint palette

  • cloth for cleaning brushes

  • flexible sandpaper

  • 18 inch ruler see-thru preferable - quilter's rulers are wonderful pencil different kinds of

    brushes for strokes

  • white wax candle or wax resist sticks

  • ***3 or 4 old pie tins or trays (used for soaking paper in paint)

  • paper towels

    Optional Other Supplies

  • hard brayer

  • water soluble pencils

  • charcoal

  • conte

  • ink pens

  • pastels

  • colored pencils

  • stencils

  • stamps

  • gesso