Betsy Ayers

Supply List, Acrylic Painting - All Levels

Instructor: Betsy Ayers,


General Supplies * Preferred Item but not mandatory

  • 8 Sheets of 22" x 30" Paper *Legion Lenox 100 Cotton Drawing Paper, 22'' x 30''

  • 1 Quart Acrylic Matte Medium *Utrecht or Liquitex (not gel medium or varnish)

  • 1" Drafting or Masking tape

  • Paper towels or old rags

  • Large container to hold water

  • Viewer finder - can use an old 35mm slide or make one instead of buying new

  • Palette Knives - Plastic ones from Walmart or Hobby Lobby

  • Disposable Palette Paper Pad or *Freezer Paper Roll

  • Sketch pad or drawing pad

  • Your favorite pencils for sketching



Bring all brushes you have that you want to use with acrylic paint - the bigger the better!
Try to have a variety of natural bristles and synthetic; Flat/Angle Bright/Filbert; Medium to Large size. At a minimum bring 2 large-sized brushes and 2 medium-sized brushes.



If you don't have any large brushes I suggest getting a few of the following:

  • 4" Mod Podge Synthetic Paddle Brush

  • Any Household Painter's Brushes 2",3",4",5",6" (synthetic or natural bristles)

  • Wooster 2" shortcut polyester angle sash brush 


For medium sized brushes - size #12 and up, I suggest the following brands:
Princeton Catalyst, Princeton Refine Series 5400 Natural Bristle Brushes, Princeton Ashley Series 5200 Natural Bristle Brushes, Princeton Dakota Series 6300 Firm Synthetic Hair Brushes, Princeton Redline Series 6700 Synthetic Brushes


Acrylic Paint - Heavy Body Only

C.P. Cadmium Yellow Light Yellow Oxide or Yellow Ochre Raw Sienna
C.P. Cadmium Red Light Naphthol Red Light

Naphthol Crimson (Liquitex) or Quinacridone Red (Utrecht) or Quinacridone Red (Golden)

Beginning and Intermediate Acrylic Painting

Thio Violet (Grumbacher Student Grade) or Quinacridone Magenta (Golden) Dioxazine Purple
Ultramarine Blue
Phthalo Blue (Green Shade)

Phthalo Green (Blue Shade)
Hookers Green
Titanium White - I prefer professional grade like Golden or Utrecht Mars Black

I prefer these professional lines of acrylic paint: Golden, Utrecht and Liquitex Professional (not Basics)

While these are more expensive paints the upside is they will last longer because they have a higher pigment load and will provide a better painting experience than the student grade lines. However, professional brands are not a must for class. Bring what you have and what fits your budget and we will make it work!